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We will publish your court-ordered Notice of Service by Publication, as required by the court.  The notice can be of any length, rather than the one-column, 5-inch limitation in traditional news publication sources.

The notice will be published daily and continuously for 3 consecutive months, rather than the court required once a week for 4 consecutive weeks.  At the end of the first 4 consecutive week period, we will provide proof of publication to be submitted to the court.

Not only will we publish the notice, but we will also include a link to the actual court documents being served, at no additional cost to you.

In addition, we will attempt to notify the defendant, via email using our patented system, that the notice has been published with a direct link to the service documents.

We are the only legal notice publication in the world with the ability for defendants to Google their own name and find a legal case filed against them.  Further, if a defendant somehow accidentally discovered our website and entered their name in the search box, the case information would be revealed.

Service by publication in Jamaica using us is less expensive, more efficient, and more likely to provide actual notice to the defendant.

Our fee:  $995.00

Contact us by email at julie@processnet1.com or call 800-417-7623 for more information.

If you prefer service in person please visit www.processnet1.com

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